Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean 5000 Electric Toothbrush review


One of the best electric toothbrush manufacturing brand is Braun, for the past 30 years. Braun is renowned for manufacturing the best electric toothbrushes in the world. Braun has pioneered this art like no other and it keeps on advancing its technology day by day. Every new model of the electric toothbrushes that Braun introduces is better than the previous one and equipped with all the latest features and some new ones as well. Braun keeps coming up with new and improved models of electric toothbrushes every now and then. One of the most famous electric toothbrush by Braun is Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean 5000.If you need cheap electric toothbrush visit here: http://www.bestelectrictoothbrushlist.com/blog/best-cheap-electric-toothbrush/

professional 5000

This electric toothbrush is famous because of a lot of reasons some of the features will be discussed here. The Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean 5000 is one of the most famous products by Braun as it has more than 14000 reviews on Amazon. There are a lot of features that makes this toothbrush one of the most famous products of Braun. This toothbrush falls in the medium priced range of the electric toothbrush and who would not want all the features that the Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean has in this price range. The brush comes with two kinds of different heads, the healthy clean and the floss action but this brush is also compatible with other brush heads by Braun. The brush has five different cleaning modes to give the optimum cleaning and an experience that can never be obtained through the manual toothbrush. The five cleaning modes of the brush are daily clean, deep clean,  massage, sensitive and polish which is also known as the whitening mode. All these modes have a different purpose but the cause of all these modes is just one and that is to give you the best cleaning. This brush uses the Braun famous 3D cleaning technology that cleans the teeth through oscillations rotations and pulsations making sure that you get the best cleaning. Another feature of this toothbrush is that it comes with a smart guide that enables the user to improve on a lot of areas like for how long to brush, what should be the correct pressure on the teeth or if the pressure that you are applying is way too much and you need to be more gentle with your brushing, the right technique of brushing, how to clean the hard to reach areas and so on. In short through this smart guide you can make your brushing more accurate and proper, thus making this feature as important as the others.

Braun has a lot of products as far as electric toothbrushes are concerned but when talking about the Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean 5000, it can be said that this product is one of their most famous products up till now. The Oral-B professional Healthy Clean 5000 rightly got the respect that it deserves and is recommended by the dentist all over the world.