How to Make a Table Lamp



Are you interested to get an item that you can display, yet you don’t know how to do it? What about making your own table lamp? Lamps can be made from anything that provides ambience and décor. They make excellent conversation pieces. They are also crafty, which makes them a perfect and wonderful project.

The first thing that you need to do when making a tablet lamp is to look for a base. This base must be strong enough for it to be able to set up on its own. If there is a hollow base which must be stabilized, then you need to partially fill it with sand or marbles. Other ideas for bases on lamp to use are timber or log, wine bottles, buckets or wooden pails, figurines or toys, and hollowed books.

Then, you should purchase for a lamp kit that can be found in hardware stores. It is important to remember that the pieces must be purchased separately. However, purchasing them ensures a much better fit. If you have purchased a cord separately, then choose for a number eighteen cord.

Afterwards, you need to set up the base where the rod is to be placed. The rod is considered as the hollow tube that is responsible in running the cord up and underneath the bottom. Depending on the base, there is still a need to cut or drill holes that are wide enough for rod on top and lamp at the bottom.More often than necessary, the rod must be trimmed with the use of pipe cutters or hacksaw. However, it is best to have a base which is fitted on the rod. The rod should not be cut down on its size because it is not ideal.

The next step is to further stabilize the underneath part of the base. The lamp kit should come along with a certain piece that stabilizes the bottom part of the base. Rubber stoppers should be purchased and be affixed at interval rates. Doing so helps prevent sliding; the base must be lifted slightly that allows room on the cord.In setting it up, the cord should be threaded on the rod. The lock must be screwed at the endmost part of the lamp rod. The neck is screwed in the lamp rod while the harp bottom is added. The socket cap is screwed on and the wires are stripped. The wires are tied that the wires are prevented from even falling on the rod at the base.

As per finalization, the neutral wire and hot wire are found. The wires are wrapped just about the screws, right on bulb socket. Then, the socket shell is placed above the bulb socket. The topmost part of the harp is attached. The lampshade is also placed above the harp. Afterwards, the light bulb is screwed in the socket that can be plugged in the lamp.

Both the socket and the plug are reassembled. They are made certain with no excess wire that sticks out. Or else, the wires may fall short that cause fire or shock

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